Real-time chat for websites

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Welcome message

Display customized welcome message for your visitors to boost engagement.

Mobile first design

Both the chat app and the admin interface is optimized for mobile. Easily engage in conversations, menage your settings on the go.

Real time notifications

Get real-time notifications about ongoing dialogues on any device.

Unlimited agent accounts

Invite your colleagues to Dialogity to share the load and answer customer queries in a few minutes.

Continue dialog by email

If no agent is active Dialogity collects the visitors email address. You’ll be able to continue conversation off-line and answer their questions event when they leave your site.

Multi-language support

Dialogity can be adjusted to the language of your site. You can even add your own translation or customize system messages to be more personal.

Customizable look-and-feel

Easily set your color scheme and upload company and personal avatars.

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